Since Before Our Time

by Wolves & Machines

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Andrew Gerver
Andrew Gerver thumbnail
Andrew Gerver Too good! You need this album in your life. Favorite track: Stay Separate.
Garrett R. B. Willig
Garrett R. B. Willig thumbnail
Garrett R. B. Willig This entire album is rock solid. Favorite track: Only Drowning Men.
Ricky Stephens
Ricky Stephens thumbnail
Ricky Stephens ... it's just perfect Favorite track: Only Drowning Men.
Thierry BM
Thierry BM thumbnail
Thierry BM Great rock songs that give off a bittersweet feeling all trough the album, with lyrics that are sad yet so filled with love that it warms your soul.Intense, powerful, but soft and emotional, just how i like it!(chose a favorite, but they're all great!) Favorite track: Bury the Bones.
olyjake thumbnail
olyjake Love listening to this with my windows down on summer nights returning home from class. So many great moments in these songs. Favorite track: Many Happy Returns.
Simon thumbnail
Simon A great release. It will take some dislodging from the top spot in 'My best records of 2014' list. Sing along tunes with rocking guitars. What more does anyone need? Favorite track: Drift.
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Instruments recorded and engineered by Josh Schroeder

Vocals and additional instruments recorded and engineered by Nicholas Diener

Album mixed and mastered by Mark Michalik

Album art by Mitchell Wojcik


released March 4, 2014

Aaron DeVries- Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Matthew Feith- Bass, Vocals
Ben Hoffman- Drums, Percussion
Scott Smith- Guitar, Vocals


tags: rock Saginaw


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Wolves & Machines Saginaw, Michigan

Since Before Our Time 2014

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Track Name: Only Drowning Men
It’s been a while now since you could face yourself to wear the time the way it wore you. Feel the years being glued to you. You can see your skin’s grown weathered, but you can’t catch one passing glimmer of the past you’ve been constructing since before our time was altered. And I don’t what to do, so I sing you off to sleep and kiss you on your head while decay is creeping in. And I’d sell you lines to keep you from thinking the bridges we built are all sunk in an ocean now. Now from youth so long divided, creaking bones and dimmer lighting, you’ve found your cup’s become too shallow to keep your fleeting thoughts inside it. And when you sink into reflections are you aging with those etchings? Or are you young and free and graceful? Is this passing time a waste? No? I don’t know. What can I do? Except bring you back inside to ease your wondering for a while. All the madness is creeping in. I don’t know. So now I’ll speak right to you in your lofty golden tower. If only drowning men can see you, must I watch them turn to sailors? Because I can’t stand on that water if I can’t see you any clearer, and I feel so disappointing watching mountains stand un-turning all the time.
Track Name: All Alarms
There was a time you’d break your legs just to lie where you felt safe. In the quiet of a film, in the comfort of my gaze. Now you hesitate to press your lips to anything you see for fear you’ll feel it in your veins and sink your roots too deep. This place I know, it built my bones. You can’t stay, but I can’t go. It raised my words, it set my tone. You know? I know you can’t stay as a plant and grow in just one place, or ever speak before you leave. And I know you can’t wait. Dig a grave, all alarms have got it out for me. Will we meet again? Will we be shaking hands? There was a time I’d break your legs just to bind you to my fate. And you would long for different scenes, but I’d write them all the same. I know cracked bells and washed out horns will sigh and watch you fade. And all alarms resound and sing. I don’t know. If you go, if you leave, know that I still love you more than love could mean, and I will make you love me.
Track Name: Stay Separate
Stayed awake counting tiles and making lists. You know me, unbroken thing, wouldn’t you say? You’ll age beautifully, serene and meaningfully. Court the moments that build to your history. I’ll walk carelessly, aimless and questioning. I’ll sleep alone again. My voice, my songs can’t wake the dead. We won’t stay close, or speak up, or let go. So let the ground rise up and swallow me. Separate, on your way, just let it be. Depart and displace, and move on, and don’t wait. Let the city come take my soul to keep. Separate, on your way, no losing sleep. Stayed inside, cynical and wishing I had your penchant for making light, or whatever you say. You’ll go willingly, complete and confidently. Sitting and waiting, patiently inviting. I’ll go questioning every everything Before it’s old and disinteresting, before our chapter wanes in consistency, let these clinging hands stay separate.
Track Name: Bury the Bones
Oh, what are you keeping in? Embarrassment, guilt or a sin? Where have you been? So I’ll keep my cards held close. I don’t want you to know I know the things you don’t want me to know. And yeah, there’s something I see in the way, a discomfort you can’t keep at bay. I’m watching the way your body speaks, and I can’t help it to see that you’re spent. Yeah, I’m sure that you needed less, but I don’t think I can give you what you need. You know what to say but you won’t. You know it’s so hard letting go, Or maybe you don’t. So bury your shame in the ground. Carry on, thanks for sticking around. Now we’re all feeling buried somehow. Maybe this will seem like a farewell, because it seems I won’t see you. It seems we’ve met an end. But maybe I’m really not angry. I just thought we’d be married, but we’re breaking plans. Maybe I just can’t relate to you and all of the things that you’re going through. Let’s bury the bones. I will wish you well instead of a bitter end, and I will paint you gold like you’re still feeling it. Yeah, this may be a ghost, and I may be chasing it, but I will paint you gold.
Track Name: Hazel
I had a dream, just you and me. We’d found a place to stay nesting by 93. And though I know someday I’ve got to leave, I’m always looking back to find you following. Because we’ve been there before, and now we never speak. You flooded out the floor to keep your conscience clean. But I’m still in the boards creaking beneath your feet, and I know you’re not alone. How could you ever be? I could’ve painted the scene. Stuck on the scent of death washing over everything. It’s where I first felt love, or what it’d come to be. And in my head I’d never fall in love with anything, but I saw you staring back, Hazel as I could see. I saw a portrait of devotion and fidelity, but I know you’re not alone. How could you ever be? I will wish you well instead of a bitter end, and I will paint you gold like you’re still feeling it. Yeah, this may be a ghost, and I may be chasing it, but I will paint you gold. All in all, you left me to live with the recurring things that I just can’t shake. And I was hoping I’d drown it out or pull apart, or find something interesting in anything. Are you still feeling it? Cold wind blows and meets your shoulder. It’s been years, you look so much older. Trading grins with age and holding beauty close while I feel so alone.
Track Name: Drift
I’m lost in fault again. I knew all along what I’d done, but what could I do? You’ll feel so cheated on, like you just can’t pardon the wrong or carry the weight around, always let down. You’re grasping at straws always hoping, but don’t hold your breath. We don’t connect. I tried to find love, it just doesn’t exist. So I’ll just keep wandering around and we can stay separate some more, whatever you say. Because now you’re just not enough, but soon this will be too much. And you’ll keep wishing there’s joy left to find you, but I’m so dismissive. I hope you find what you need. Oh, you know, you swear you know me. Calculated, same old story. Standing in the hallway scowling back at me, no way of knowing what it is you’re sorely lacking. Short goodbye, feigning attraction. And I want to be a good man, but maybe you can’t see that. And now in my wandering, you’re feeling it more, like you’d pass through the ceiling if I walked out the door. You look back in anger in the hall where you stand, but you need me to feel it, and I don’t think I can.
Track Name: Like Holding Breath
I think I’m holding you down. Yeah, I’m a weight around your ankle and you love me, but I’m making you drown. So pull me off and push out. Don’t let me keep you around. And I think I got in your head. It makes you sick to know you’re digging up the dirt that left you cold in your bed. And you won’t sleep without pills, but what a garden you’ll build. I wish that you had found a way to fix your gaze on me and make it stay. Now it’s clear to see that there’s nothing pulling you to me at all. And I wish that I had found the time to piece together all the warning signs. Obvious? Painfully. I can’t relate to anything. I remember what you said, that you’d keep me close like holding breath. I could never want for anything again. Have you found a way to live without? Maybe I don’t want to know. I’d rather let you drown while I’m swallowed up by all my big mistakes. You don’t write anymore, so I won’t write anymore. I think I’m holding you down. Yeah, I’m a weight around your ankle and you love me, but I’m making you drown. So pull me off and push out. Don’t let me keep you around. I think I’m holding you down.
Track Name: Pulse
How’d you know to keep me cold? Like I’d be burning wild if left out on my own. You never called or let me know. Because now you’ve gone and shown that you’re nothing but a bad seed, Growing thorns and evading decency. Not then, not now, not ever will I care if you’re lonely. So what’s your word when your skin and bones are wrapping? Is there comfort in the calm you kept? Is it agonizing? Do you sink in it? Or are you slightly deviating from the scattered seed you meant to keep? They're so antagonizing when left to breed. I can’t let you know, but I hope you feel alone, because I feel young and spiteful. Will I be alright in a while? I can’t say. How’d you know to keep me close and never change or break your role? You’re always speaking up or not speaking at all. Because I can wish and wish it’s nothing but a bad dream, or say it doesn’t mean that much to me. Wherever I’ve been pushing you, keep going. In passing time I've come I've come to find your pulse in everything I do. I'll burn it down and build something and I will never think of you.
Track Name: Many Happy Returns
You wear good years on your eyelids, weighs them down and keeps your secrets. Forget names you gave all your things and pray you spent your whole life praying to God, or praying at all. I pumped every red cent I had into hoping when you woke you’d still remember me. I cursed all the bricks in our house and the dirt in our yard until it did cover me. Now I just don’t sleep anymore, and plans just don’t keep anymore, and hands just don’t cling anymore, and I barely sing anymore unless I sing you to sleep. It makes me think of all that could’ve gone wrong, but somehow you found me. It helps me forgive the terrible things, the cruelty of time, the waiting around. I cannot forget. Though it’s going to end, I’m so glad you found me. I can’t keep your heart from stopping. It weighs me down, it keeps me honest. Trading grins with death like old friends, clawing heels of loved ones first passed. I can’t keep your heart from stopping at all. Cold wind keeps me feeling something. Passing years, not all for nothing. I’ll see you return in all things beautiful and never feel alone.