Stayed awake counting tiles and making lists. You know me, unbroken thing, wouldn’t you say? You’ll age beautifully, serene and meaningfully. Court the moments that build to your history. I’ll walk carelessly, aimless and questioning. I’ll sleep alone again. My voice, my songs can’t wake the dead. We won’t stay close, or speak up, or let go. So let the ground rise up and swallow me. Separate, on your way, just let it be. Depart and displace, and move on, and don’t wait. Let the city come take my soul to keep. Separate, on your way, no losing sleep. Stayed inside, cynical and wishing I had your penchant for making light, or whatever you say. You’ll go willingly, complete and confidently. Sitting and waiting, patiently inviting. I’ll go questioning every everything Before it’s old and disinteresting, before our chapter wanes in consistency, let these clinging hands stay separate.


from Since Before Our Time, released March 4, 2014


tags: rock Saginaw


all rights reserved


Wolves & Machines Saginaw, Michigan

Since Before Our Time 2014

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